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Thread: Internet Logs folder

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    prsobel Guest

    Default Internet Logs folder

    The means to set the debug level to off has been discussed in a number of places within this Forum. The foregoing was always in response to the growth of the tvDebug file within the Internet Logs folder.

    I'm specifically interested in knowing which OTHER files within that folder may be safely deleted if one is not interested in maintaining logs.

    I gather some of the files in the Internet Logs folder reflect user direction to ZA as to what to allow/deny and as such should not be deleted.

    Any guidance will be appreciated.

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Internet Logs folder

    I never delete anything manually from the internet log folder because of the same concern. Instead, I use CCleaner and make sure the ZA Log checkbox is checked. CCleaner removes only the files that can safely be deleted without damaging ZA.

    You can download CCleaner from here:

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