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Thread: Vista & ZAfree firewall 8.0.298 question

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    Default Vista & ZAfree firewall 8.0.298 question


    Firstly, sorry if I am asking a repeat question. I've had a good look around and see no definitive answer to my questions.

    I have been running ZAfree firewall 8.0.298 on Vista Home Basic 32bit SP2 for a while now. I updated to 9 recently but there were some aspects I preferred from 8.0.298 and so I rolled back a version.

    When doing so I noticed the many many posts and articles on the net claiming that ZA8 is not "compatible" with vista 32bit.

    My Questions(s)
    1) Is ZAfree 8.0.298 now compatible with Vista Home Basic 32bit SP2?

    2) Are the compatibility issues that some have described, purely related to crashes and errors (My PC runs fine and I seldom get internet dropping out) or security risks?...

    3) ... and so does running ZAfree 8.0.298 this leave my computer vulnerable to attacks?

    Thank you for your help and patience

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    Default Re: Vista & ZAfree firewall 8.0.298 question

    Is ZAfree 8.0.298 now compatible with Vista Home Basic 32bit SP2?
    The above version is still Compatible with Vista 32 bit Sp2..

    The problem may be related to 1.) Vista Home BASIC, is a very limite version of VISTA, Vista Home Premium provided better protection as Windows OS

    2.) to be fully protected, Always make sure.. both Windows Vista and ZA Firewall and your 3rd party Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs are kept
    Fully updated..

    Old versions of ZAFree Basic Firewall do not provide the Patches and Updated Protection that Version 9.1 provides..

    So while ZAFree Basic 8.0.298 will continue to provide better Protection than not having a Firewall at All, it can not provide all the Fixes included in version 9.1..
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