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Thread: RESOLVED: Continual HDD Avctivity Since ZAISS upgrade.

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    ulillillia Guest

    Exclamation Re: Continual HDD Avctivity Since ZAISS upgrade.

    I, too, am getting this. However, I can give significantly more details about it than I've seen in other replies here. Screenshots work wonders so I'm posting one (it's 1920x1440, too big to post directly):

    View the 1920x1440 screenshot.

    By going to "view" then "columns", you can see a lot more system status elements than what Windows Task Manager has by default (I use them for my game design stuff, useful for hunting for otherwise unseen bugs.). Only the "vsmon.exe" process is having this problem.

    For the more in-depth details:

    A read and a write are performed almost simultaneously every 2 seconds. Each time a read occurs, exactly 5,196,800 bytes are being read (but increases under certain circumstances - see below for details). Each time a write occurs, exactly 7,811,584 bytes are being written (this increases as well, under the same circumstances.

    When I check "C:\WINDOWS\Internet Logs", I see that there are 4 files that are always up to date, almost to the second. A fourth file seems to be off by only a few minutes, but occasionally updates every 2 seconds with the rest. These are the following files in question (exact files sizes after the //):

    HOME-B4C7A5B812.ldb // 1,351,680 bytes and increasing (see notes below)
    BACKUP.RDB // 2,598,400 bytes
    IAMDB.RDB // 2,598,400 bytes
    ZALog.txt // see notes below

    By repeatedly right-clicking on the "ZALog.txt" file and choosing "properties" to bring up the file size, its file size increases by about 500 bytes. In addition, the LDB file increases in file size as well. The other two files are not affected by this behavior.

    I'm using Windows XP Pro SP3, fully updated. The ZA version stuff is as follows:

    ZA Security Suite version 9.1.507.000
    Truevector security engine version 9.1.507.000
    Driver version 9.1.503.000

    This doesn't affect system performance to any noticeable degree, however, it is noticeable when loading/saving files on the drive that's affected (C for me - nothing happens on my E drive as it only has video and music files stored on it). Of course, those with slower systems (like Pentium 3 or 4) will have a noticeable degradation in performance because of this.

    Hopefully this information can be used to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

    Edit: ZALog.txt, not ZALog.log
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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Continual HDD Avctivity Since ZAISS upgrade.

    I remember reading somewhere recently (can't find it off-hand right now) that this version did increase logging activity to better fix problems in future releases, but is not supposed to affect performance.

    EDIT: You can tell from the system info in my sig that I am running both a P3 & P4 system. Money is tight right now so I can't even think about replacing either PC. I've know for some time now that my laptop hardware doesn't meet the minimum ZA requirements. Its performance is really bad, but I'm just having to live with it for the time being.
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    sa_zauser Guest

    Default Re: Continual HDD Avctivity Since ZAISS upgrade.

    Quote Originally Posted by swiftyone View Post
    Thanks for all the help guy's @sa_zauser Thanks for the link my friend but, that's for ZA Extreme, and not ZA Internet Security Suite.
    OK, here is the one for ZAISS:

    For anyone interested: no magic insight here. All I did to find this one and the ZA Extreme version I needed was to go here:

    Click on the appropriate Product Support link at the right. Click on Release History. Mouse over the Download button. Right mouse button, Copy Link Location (in Firefox), or Copy Shortcut (in IE). Paste the result into the address bar. Notice the web address contains the file name of the latest release. Edit the numbers in the file name to the earlier version needed. (91_507_000 becomes 91_008_000) Don't change anything else in the file name or the rest of the web address Hit enter. One of two things happens.....either the download begins, or the page comes up "file not found".

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    Fathom Guest

    Default Re: Continual HDD Avctivity Since ZAISS upgrade.

    Hi there readers!

    I am another unfortunate victim of the constant HDD access bug with the latest ZA Internet Security Suite update. I upgraded to version 9.1.507.000 yesterday (10th April 2010) and since upgrading I have the hard disks thrashing every few seconds - like water torture!

    Checking WTM, I too have *huge* volumes of data read and written (20 gigabytes and increasing). Also, over 2 million Page Faults and increasing with every 'rumble' of my SCSI drives. I am using a RAID1 array of 10K SCSIs - which, although super fast, are not the quietest. This is driving me insane!

    I have turned OFF 'Debug Categories' and also set Antispam logging levels to 0. To no avail.

    The only thing that stops this problem is shutting down ZA, which somewhat defeats the prpose of it!

    I will report this issue via the Live Chat on Monday when they re-open - but in the meantime I will be rolling back to my previous version.
    This is a real inconvenience - and illustrates the importance of cross OS testing pre-release (we are hi-tech control system software/firmware developers - so we know about this!).

    Moderator - if you read this post - please pass along to your techincal support chaps.


    [quote (Dave Barry) - Bill Gates is a very rich man today... and do you want to know why? The answer is one word: versions]

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    dende Guest

    Default Re: Continual HDD Avctivity Since ZAISS upgrade.

    I upgraded to 9.1.507 from 9.1.008 and am experiencing the same issues with vsmon.exe accessing hard drive constantly. Very annoying. I am running XP Home and ZAISS.

    I have experienced problems with virtually every ZAISS upgrade that Zone Alarm has put out. They simply do not adequately test their upgrades. So, my recommendation (which I intend to follow myself) is to never ever download and install an upgrade until it has been out about a month or so. Before upgrading, check this forum and find out what the horror stories are and then decide whether to upgrade. Best to wait until they fix their bugs. It is very time consuming to do the rollback etc. I have now rolled back to 9.1.008 and the vsmon/exe problem has gone away.

    I do note that even with ver 9.1.008, ISWSVC.exe is accessing the HD frequently doing I/O read and writes. lsass.exe and svchost.exe are also doing a lot of I/O and they seem to be related to the ISWSVC.exe activity. However, these are not as frequent as with the vsmon.exe in the new ZAISS version.

    I will also do the live chat on Monday.


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    Sky Soldiers Guest

    Default Re: Continual HDD Avctivity Since ZAISS upgrade.

    HDD activity causing excessive i/o read and writes (debug level was set to OFF).

    Event Viewer / Application many Error messages (crypt32)

    Broken System Restore due to OSFirewall according to logs.

    No issue loading Firefox, but IE8 takes a long time.Not really an issue since I use Firefox.

    Reported all issues to Tech Support.Didn't want to explore any more issues.Reinstalled version:

    Note : Always wise to keep your previous ZoneAlarm version as a backup in case you need to reinstall it because you will no longer be able to download previous versions.

    Have a nice Day

    XP SP3
    ZoneAlarm ForceField (standalone)
    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    TrueVector version:
    Driver version:
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:1015773408
    AntiSpam version:
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    Default Re: Continual HDD Avctivity Since ZAISS upgrade.

    Did some cleaning + now this thread is sticky. Removed some posts to keep the thread on topic and facilitate the review by new users.


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    rvboutin Guest

    Default Re: Continual HDD Avctivity Since ZAISS upgrade.

    Having the same issue, I have now reported this to tech support. Hopefully they will solve this soon.

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    Default Re: Continual HDD Avctivity Since ZAISS upgrade.


    We now think there is possibly there may be side effects created by the additional logging thats happening.

    If your having performance issues when loading saving in an application (something to do with HDD access and running ONLY version 9.1.507)

    Please contact Tech support live chat BEFORE you remove this version.

    We need to get logs from your system while the issue is happening and support will instruct you how to do that.

    If you removed 9.1.507 then DON'T contact them at all all you will be doing is slowing down our ability to talk to people who still have it installed .

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    aztony Guest

    Question Re: Continual HDD Avctivity Since ZAISS upgrade.

    I am also having a problem with the new update but it doesn't have anything to do with the HDD but then I haven't gotten that far yet. It first started with me having a problem with the installation of the update. I contacted their chat support agent because when I tried to install the update it would continually stop at the 5% mark. The chat support agent put me in contact with the tech support agent, who gave me a link to re-download the update, which didn't help. He then told me to install the update in safe mode with networking, which worked. But now when I start up ZASS it takes forever for it to stop saying "IU is initializing" and the AV/AS will not turn on. It says there's a problem with the internal clock and will not update. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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