After a lot tests I have identified ZoneAlarm as the "evil" when trying to work together on systems that use NetSupport Manager Client (software for remote desktop).

Everything works fine until the client confirms that the server may "watch" the client - at this point the Client with Zone Alarm reboots instantly without any error message. For a fraction of a second the Windows "blue screen" is visible on some clients but thats all !

Disabling ZA doesnīt help - only when Zone Alarm was deinstalled the NetSupport Software on the Client works perfectly without the reboot issue.

This issue should be well known at Zone Alarm as I read an old thread here with same problems but on NetSupport School software.

Here is the system configuration of the clients: Windows XP with SP3, Avira Antivir, ZoneAlarm Pro (True-Vector-Engine,
Driver-Version, Anti-Spyware-Engine, DAT-Version 01.201003.7195) and NetSupport Manager 9.1, 10.0 ord 10.5.

All clients are notebooks from different brand - Toshiba and Lenovo or IBM. Therefore hardware incompatibility canīt be the fault! The NetSupport Manager Server uses ZA 8 too but without any reboot issues when trying to connect to the client - only the clients reboots.

How can I solve this problem - if possible without updating to a newer Version or using very old ZA (Version 6 seems to work without any problems with XP and NetSupportManager) ???

Thank you in advance for any answers !!!