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Thread: Frustrated - can't see other pc

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    gypmaster Guest

    Default Frustrated - can't see other pc


    got a desktop with XP running zap free version - also got a laptop running win7 and zap free version.

    Got a wireless router and the laptop can access internet thru that.

    when I stop running zap on both boxes then I can 'see' folders on the desktop pc that I've shared.

    when I run zap on either m/c then I can't access (or even see) the desktop box from the laptop.

    I think i've set up the ip's as trusted on both boxes but still no joy.

    anyone tewll me exactly what to do for me to be able to see and access the desktop shared folders on the laptop?

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    nkolvek Guest

    Default Re: Frustrated - can't see other pc

    you need to add your IP range to the trusted list.

    ex. your network DHCP range = - ...254

    Open ZA, go to Firewall > Zones right click in window or click Add, Select "IP Range" and enter your network range. you do not have to add the router Ip itself (usually or 0.1 depending on your brand) since it should already be in the allowed list marked as "DHCP server". you will need to do this for each machine running ZA for things to function properly. If all are correct and you still dont see the other machines, try (since you have xp) clicking Search > Computer (computer name). If it finds the computer regardless of what windows explorer tells you then use that to access the machine 1 time. Once you access the machine by that way it should now appear in your network neighborhood.

    what i do is since I only have about 6 machines on my network at any given time then I only allow ...100 - ...106

    sometimes your router will assign a higher number when the dhcp lease has expired so either keep an eye on things (client table from your router) or lower the dhcp range.

    If all else fails, open ZA and go to the Logs & Alets. Resize window so you can see it off to the side then open windows explorer and resize so both windows are visible. Once you have done this try to open the network from windows explorer, keep an eye on the Logs window as any blocked packets from either machine will be shown. this will help you fix the problem if adding the IP range does not work.
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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Networking running different versions of Windows

    Networking home computers running different versions of Windows.

    How can I see my XP computers in the network map?


    I have one new Windows 7 computer, one Vista computer and an old XP laptop on my home network. I like the network map in Network and Sharing Center but the XP computer doesn't show up there, just the Windows 7 and Vista. Is there any way to make the XP system show up on the map?

    Windows 7 and Vista use the Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) protocol to detect the systems on the network and create the network map. The problem is that XP doesn't support LLTD by default, so your XP systems will show up at the bottom of the page and not on the map.

    You can add LLTD support to XP if you have Service Pack 3 installed. You'll need to install a hotfix.
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