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Thread: Ver 9.1.507.000 Does Not Retain A-V/A-S Settings

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    haydn Guest

    Default Re: Ver 9.1.507.000 Does Not Retain A-V/A-S Settings

    As promised here is my version information:

    Zone Alarm Security Suite version 9.1.507.000
    True Vector security engine version 9.1.507.000
    Driver version 9.1.503.000
    AntiVirus/AntiSpyware engine version DAT file version 1013546016
    Antispam version
    Zone Alarm Browser security

    I run MS Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 SP3

    My primary Anti-Virus is Avast! version 4.8 Home Edition

    I keep the AntiVirus portion of ZASS disabled. I made this choice because I wanted my Antivirus to check my incoming email on download from the mail server. I was told this was not possible with ZASS, that the AV functions were outsourced by Zone Labs (or CheckPoint) to a third party and it was not possible to even request this alteration.

    So, at this point every few days, the settings of ZASS are completely reset. I don't know why this happens. When it occurs, I see a warning on boot that the ZASS AV has been resurrected as the primary AV and numerous ZA program alerts that I have frequently set in the past. This does not happen on every boot, but it is often enough that it is quite annoying. I quickly click through the alerts and then restore the ZASS settings from the last backup. I take a fresh backup of the settings weekly or if I detect a new alert.

    Doubtless, I will allow my current ZASS subscription to lapse when it next expires. This inability to reliably retain program settings is a serious problem, one which the developer of any software product should correct.

    I will try to update ZASS to 9.1.603.000. It should be noted that ZASS believes the running version 9.1.507.000 is current. I tried to update but ZASS is blissfully unaware of version 9.1.603.000. Also, there is a AV conflict only because the ZASS AV will not stay dead. It keeps returning to life when the ZASS settings are reset.

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Ver 9.1.507.000 Does Not Retain A-V/A-S Settings

    First of all, having 2 A/V programs installed (Avast & ZASS) even with one of them (ZASS) "turned off" will cause potential conflicts and unpredictable results, as GeorgeV has already posted.

    If you are going to run Avast as your A/V program, then you need to switch to ZAP (ZoleAlarm Pro) which is a firewall-only product.

    ZA rolls out new releases in phases, the same as many other security products. A user can always manually download an update before it is rolled out once it has been released to the public.

    I also had problems with ZASS 9.1.507.000 and temporarily went back to release on both my PCs. I recently updated my laptop to release 9.1.603.000 as it seems to be running fine. Within the next few days I will be updating my desktop to this latest release.

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