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Thread: [Solved] Disabling the AdBlocker ad on for Firefox

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    tellmeaboutit Guest

    Smile [Solved] Disabling the AdBlocker ad on for Firefox

    Since installing Zone Alarm Free, I have experienced problems viewing bookmarked links for videos in Firefox 3.6.3, my default browser. I prefer to avoid IE8 when possible. I experienced no problems before installing Zone Alarm.

    The specific area is contained in the TVKIM.COM portion of Kim Komando's Message Board. I receive all supporting text and a black video screen with no view button. One suggestion I received is to check my friewall settings. Being new to Zone Alarm and a relative computer newbie, I need some help checking and/or changing settings as may be required.

    The following information may be of assistance for you to guide me:
    Dell desktop
    Windows XP Home SP3
    Firefox 3.6.3
    Zone Alarm Free
    Malwarebytes Antimalware
    Avast Free
    Superantispyware Free
    Acronis Home 2010
    Secunia PSI

    Thanks for your replies.

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    tellmeaboutit Guest

    Default Re: configuring for videos

    The latest suggestion I received (from Kim's forum FAQs) is to ask for instructions to configure permission for a live video feed. Is that a possible solution?

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    tellmeaboutit Guest

    Default Re: configuring for videos

    problem solved

    Disabling the AdBlocker ad on for Firefox resolved the problem.

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