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Thread: VyprVPN setup in ZA

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    ErnstEmil Guest

    Question VyprVPN setup in ZA

    Can anyone help with setting up ZA when using VyprVPN ?

    It works fine when disabling ZA

    Have a great spring
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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: VyprVPN setup in ZA

    I've not set up a VPN myself, but it was recently discussed in this topic:

    As I mentioned in post # 5 in that topic, the ZA Help file has a great deal of information on setting up VPN's. Open the ZA Control Center and in the lower left corner, click on '? Help'

    From the Search tab, enter VPN. A whole host of linked topics will be displayed that discuss setting up a VPN.

    EDIT: Here is another link to some additional information:
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