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Thread: Windows 7 64-bit BSOD

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    Default Windows 7 64-bit BSOD

    I also am having problems with ZA Extreme Security on MS Windows 7. My machine is a Systemax Gaming computer with MOTHERBOARD (MSI X58 Platinum SLI - MS 7522), BUS CLOCK (133 MHz), BIOS (American Megatrends V 3.8), PROCESSOR (2.67 GHz Intel Core i7 920), RAM (12 GB), DISPLAY ADAPTERS (2 - NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT). According to the MSI and NVIDIA website diagnostics, the latest BIOS and drivers are installed. According to Belarc Advisor, I have all the latest updates and patches for MS Windows 7 installed, including KB981889.

    This machine was purchased with MS Vista Home Premium installed and worked without significant problems with ZA Extreme Security installed, including updates. Use of the machine included internet, e-mail, software development, and games including WOW.

    Two months ago i formatted the harddrive and installed MS Windows 7 Home Premium along with the latest drivers and ZA Extreme Security. I have been having BSOD problems ever since. The machine will BSOD within at most an hour, usually less than 30 minutes, even with no keyboard or mouse activity. (I am writing this post from another machine, XP Based, since my Win 7 machine BSODed in the middle of my first attempt).

    Two weeks ago i decided i had to get to the bottom of this issue since my ZA Extreme Security license is about to expire. I scanned the internet including this forum trying to decide a plan of action. The following testing and results came from that effort.

    At least on my machine, four options came from this testing:
    1. Disable Netbios over TCP/IP - i did this and the BSOD's went away. The only problem was that network discovery also went away. This meant that printer and file sharing also went away. In my environment, this is not a satisfactory or workable solution. I ran the system with this change for 24 hours without a BSOD.
    2. The second option was to remove ZA Extreme Security. I did this and the system ran without problems for 24 hours. Obviosly, this is not a solution either.
    3. The third option was to work with ZA Support to identify the problem. Over the last several days i have sent 13 dumps to ZA support. I actually added a desktop shortcut to the ZA Diagnostic Capture Tool, and my ticket number in a text file to expedite uploading. So far, not a peep in response.
    4. Let the ZA Extreme Security license expire and try a one year license for ZA Internet Security hoping the watered down version doesn't exihibit the same problem.

    Conclusion - Since options 1 and 2 are unworkable, and since i haven't heard boo from ZA Support, i am left with option 4 which i will execute once i complete this post.

    If you are interested, following are the steps i took in testing (I did this twice):
    1. Format the hard drive and install a fresh version of MS Windows 7 (x64).
    2. Install the latest drivers for motherboard, display driver, et al.
    3. Install all the needed Win 7 updates and patches.
    4. Install ZA Extreme Security.
    Result - BSOD's
    5. Using MSCONFIG, change startup to disable all startup apps and services except for Windows and ZA.
    6. Using the ZA removal tool, uninstall ZA Extreme Security (Works pretty well).
    7. Ran the OPSWAT security software removal tool. Got 0 results.
    8. Went through the list of files and registry entries depicted in another part of this forum and verified that all the proper files and entries had been deleted.
    9. Ran %tem% and Prefetch and eliminated all files.
    10. Emptied deleted items folder.
    11. Rebooted the machine.
    12. Enabled all the startup apps and services i had previously disabled and rebooted.
    Result - no BSOD's
    12. Using MSCONFIG, again disabled non Windows and ZA startup apps and services.
    13. Rebooted the machine and installed latest version of ZA Extreme Security.
    14. Rebooted machine and enabled startup apps and services.
    15. Rebooted machine.
    Result - BSOD's

    At this point after more that a week of effort, I give up.

    I hope this is unique to my machine and others are having better success.

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    Default Re: Windows 7 64-bit BSOD

    Sorry to hear you have problems but we can't log issues here you need to report to support via the live chat (see my signature).

    If they didn't come back to you then contact them again with the case number at hand. Fixing bugs can be a matter of weeks of work. Its important you insist with support since keep posting here will have little effect (you know already the basic troubleshooting steps given by other users in this forum) while with support they may be able to collect logs and escalate the issue to developers.

    From what you have described it seems a network conflict. Have you tried to use a different network card? Have you tried to update the network card with latest drivers? Does the network card support windows 7?

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