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    jamesshin7966 Guest

    Default Install issues

    I recently ugraded to Windows 7 32-bit. I tried to install Zonelarm 9.1.507, but it stopped at 11% (vsruledb.dll) and would not continue. Any idea how to fix this?

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    davidpetley Guest

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    You are not alone. A few people seem to be having issues with this upgrade, regardless of their operating system. You will probably need to contact technical support to get some advice.

    My XP sp3 installation stalls at 16%, when copying zlquarantine.dll, so I got a little further along the path, but at the same point each time, the install stops responding.

    Might be worth checking to see if you have any system restore points, other threads here are reporting that all previous restore points are missing after trying this upgrade.


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