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Thread: How to remove virus in Outlook PST-file? < add PST to the exception list

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    tonk Guest

    Exclamation How to remove virus in Outlook PST-file? < add PST to the exception list


    I have a great problem:

    when my Zonealarm scans for virus it finds a virus called "Trojan-PSW.Win32.Agent.qdy" in my Outlook PST-file.
    (This file is called "outlook.pst" and it contains all my Outlook-2007 contacts, emails and whatever belongs to it.)

    Then Zonealarm put the file in quarantine.

    From now on (that is logical) I cannot access anymore to my saved Outlook-emails and contact because the "PST-file" is in quarantine.

    Then I tell Zonealarm to repair the PST-file (in my German version of ZoneAlarm called "recover, rebuild").

    Now everything seems to be O.K. and Outlook 2007 is running well.

    But the next time I make a virus-scan, Zonealarm discovers again the virus "Trojan-PSW.Win32.Agent.qdy" and puts it into quarantine and I cannot use my Outlook-data anymore.

    How can I find out the infected email (or whatever it is) and just delete this special infected email and not the whole PST-file to save all my data

    What can I do?

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    fatalerror Guest

    Default Re: How to remove virus in Outlook PST-file?

    Hi Tonk,

    I would suggest that you download and install MBAM free virus scanner/remover. This should pick up the infected .PST file and eradicate it for you.

    Best of luck...

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    tonk Guest

    Default Re: How to remove virus in Outlook PST-file?

    Thank you fatal error.

    I will try this and I will post again about my experiences.
    But the MBAM does not delete a virus within the software.
    It deletes the whole PST-file.

    I need a software which just deletes the infected Email within my Outlook-2007 and not the PST-file.

    How can I do this?
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    fatalerror Guest

    Default Re: How to remove virus in Outlook PST-file?

    Hi Again Tonk,

    Sorry but don't think there's any such AV software. They all (as far as I know) delete the infected file and don't try to restore.

    Someone else may know differently....


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    Default Re: How to remove virus in Outlook PST-file?

    I agree with User "fatalerror",

    The only thing that I have found to protect and restore a lost, corrupted or infected Outlook PST-file,
    is if you had Backed up the .PST file or Whole Outlook Folder to a DVD, or External Hard drive, before that file or Directory was infected or corrupted..
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    Default Re: How to remove virus in Outlook PST-file?

    Its a false positive.

    We have no way to scan the actual email in a outlook pst file at all.

    ZA does not scan email nor proprietary data formats like pst files. We just see it as a big binary file and thats all.

    Probably just happens the structure of your pst looks like a virus to us.

    Best to add it to the exception list so it stops coming up as an issue.

    If you treat it with ZA you will loose email. I seen it happen once before and you wont be a happy camper after that because there's no way to get the missing data back.

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