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Thread: Installation issues regarding ZA version 9.1.507

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    Default Installation issues regarding ZA version 9.1.507

    Right, this may be of some help to you, to those having issues with 9.1.507.

    I reported to TechSupport that after installing 9.1.507 (by a clean installation) that I had excessive HDD actvity and that the LED for my HDD was constantly on - not even flickering.

    To resolve this issue, I had to (and was told by TechSupport) to revert back to 9.1.008. However, they have only seen a small percentage of the contacts to TechSupport to be about this; but I have made sure that this particualr issue is sent to the Development Team.

    Another problem that some may have encountered (as did I) is the fact that after installing 9.1.507, all (or some) of your system restore points are deleted. The interesting thing about my convo with TechSupport is that this is the first time they have heard of this particular issue. They have heard of 9.1.507 not creating system restore points from the time of installation, but not of 9.1.507 deleting all of the previous system restore points. Again, this is something that is being put forward to the Development Team. I replied by saying that there were a lot posts about this issue on the forum - to which TechSupport said they would investigate.

    These two particular issues are see more commonly on WinXP OS's from the customers contacting TechSupport. They said that they only tested on some Win Vista/7 Operating Systems and no problems were detected.

    If you are using Vista/7 OS and are getting at least one of the two issues mentioned above, please contact TechSupport and tell them. That way, they will do more in-depth testing on Vista/7 OS's.


    Therefore, the overall result of this is to roll back to version 9.1.008 (by a clean installation) until a update for these two issues, and any others generated by 9.1.507, is released. If you want to, contact TechSupport as well - you may be able to give a more in-depth description of the problems you are having than I can (I'm only an internediate users of the PC world... ) for TechSupport to investigate.

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