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Thread: ZA Developers Requesting V9.1.507.000 Error Logs

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    Default ZA Developers Requesting V9.1.507.000 Error Logs

    I just finished an online chat with ZA tech support (Kelly) and was told that the Developers are urgently looking for error logs submitted by ZA users who are experiencing problems with V9.1.507.000. The 4 most discussed issues seem to be:
    1 - Long delays in opening new tabs or new Windows in IE8 and some other MS applications.

    2 - Windows System Restore Points are deleted and each time a new one is created, all previous Restore Points are deleted (only 1 Restore Point is shown at any given point in time).

    3 - Almost constant HDD logging activity even with the Debug level turned OFF.

    4 - Large number of crypt32 errors logged in the Windows Event Viewer / Application section.
    These problems have been primarily seen on PCs running Windows XP.

    If you are currently running V9.1.507.000 and experiencing any of these problems, please contact ZA tech support via Live Chat. They will give you a short step by step process to capture and submit the error logs. The process has been greatly automated recently and will not take much of your time compared to the older submission process. Your help could very well speed up a resolution to these problems.

    Here is the link to Live Chat:

    Thank you for taking the time to help.

    (If this topic is better suited to a different forum, please feel free to move it)

    EDIT: Also see this further request from the Forum-Moderator:
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