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    It appears that Zone Alarm Extreme 2017 is a NEW product and if as I have done (purchased 2 YEARS subscription !!!) you will have to purchase this new product with NO UPGRADE discount for having unfortuneatly purchased 2 YEARS instead of ONE !! .... NEVER AGAIN will I take out 2 Years. Think its VERY BAD of Check Point to reward existing customers with a "get on your bike" attitude .... infact will possibly move over to Kaspersky when my subs end in 400 plus days !!!


    Disappointed Bill
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    Sorry all users here, no ZA staff. Your post is not very clear on the exact problem you face. What exactly have you purchased? ZA Extreme? Or another ZA product?

    If you purchased ZA Extreme last year via the ZA website than your remaining days in the license will be valid on any new version that will be released of ZA Extreme (i.e. 2017, 2018 or whatever).

    If your previous license has expired and you want to renew, IMO, it is better to just buy a new license as the renew conditions are sometime not as favourable as buying a new licence. This is not just a ZA problem but it applies for most antivirus software.

    If you have purchased a different version of ZA (e.g. ZA with AV) then your license cannot be used for ZA Extreme but you can ask at the ZA customer support if they have any special discount to move to ZA extreme using the remaining days of your license.

    I am not sure I can help but what is exactly your problem??

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