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Thread: Zone Alarm corrupts Windows 7 64 bits

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    Default Zone Alarm corrupts Windows 7 64 bits

    It took me 5 months to figure it out. After I finally eliminated all possible hardware possibilities I installed an extra hard drive Installed Windows 7 64 bits and Fusion 3.81 the driver for my FusionHDTV 7 Dual Exptess HDTV TV Card. Windows corrupted in less than a day. By corrupted I mean it wouldn't restart or shut down amoung other problems. I uninstalled ZoneAlarm and the problems went away. I rebooted from the original hard drive that had Windows 7 64 bits and all my other programs. I uninstalled ZonwAlarm and all problems were gone!! The latest dowbload available is the same I had installed.

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm corrupts Windows 7 64 bits

    May be a compatibility issue with these third party software. You should try to run windows with default MS software to see if it works correctly.
    I would recommend contacting ZA technical support and report about the issue. Link to support in my signature.


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