My situation is much simpler than most here, but still frustrating. I just got a new PC with Windows 7, but ever since I've downloaded the pay version of ZA, I'm unable to download just about anything. I've put some programs like a download manager for a popular music site into ZA's trusted zone, but to no avail. (The download manager's error console says unable to connect to net.) My IM also doesn't work (I get an error message saying I'm not connected to the net), and ZA's own automatic updates claim to be unable to connect to the web. (If I go directly to the ZA website, I can download all updates successfully.) Certain browsers like Chrome also are completely blocked. (I primarily use Firefox.) Beyond the firewall Windows comes with, I have no other anti-virus software on the PC. It came with Norton but I never activated that. All the while, I have absolutely no trouble with net access, flying with great speeds through websites and e-mail while these programs claim I'm not connected. Help, and thanks!

Some stats:

OS: Windows 7 (new to PC, not an upgrade)
ZA: ZoneAlarm Security Suite 1 PC,
Internet: Residential cable
Anything else? All of the above are up to date with the latest versions.