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Thread: [SOLVED] Browser Security "OFF" -> uncheck "Block Reported Web Forgeries" in Firefox

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    Default [SOLVED] Browser Security "OFF" -> uncheck "Block Reported Web Forgeries" in Firefox

    After multiple uninstalls (using the cleaning tool), registry cleaning and clean re-installs, I can not get the Browser Security function to turn "ON". Clicking on "ON" does nothing and I have also clicked on "FIX IT" on the Overview - Main page. Nothing happens. I have also tried using the msconfig suggestion without any progress. Ideas? Thanks.

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    I am afraid but the next stop is the official support.. link in my signature. It is closed on weekends, try on Monday.
    Post back if you find a solution, it will help other user with your same problem.


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    Here is an interesting tidbit. I was poking around the Security section of Firefox and noticed two selections checked off. "Block reported attack sites" and "Block reported web forgeries". This is on Firefox 3.63. My thought was could there be a conflict between ZA Browser security 1.5.149 and Firefox protection? Well, interestingly enough, if I uncheck those two selection, magically I am able to turn the "Browser Protection" to ON. This was accomplished by clicking on the "Fix It" selection. So, it appears to be a conflict between the two. What lead me to this conclusion was the message I received from ZA when clicking on the "Anti-Phishing" bar (not the Fix It button). The message states that the Browser Security was on when in fact it was off! Go figure. Anyway, I unchecked the two selections and so far it seems to have fixed the problem. stay tuned if there are more developments. I will post them on this thread.


    Addendum to this reply:

    It turns out just unchecking the "Block Reported Web Forgeries" in Firefox 3.6.3 is the magic key. Browser security in ZA is now active. So there is clearly an incompatibility issue between ZA browser security and whatever Firefox uses.

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