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Thread: Virus in Outlook.pst

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    Default Virus in Outlook.pst

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    If ZA says Outlook.pst has a virus, does that mean for some cases that an email attachment has a virus, but if that email attachment was never activated, the virus did not infect the OS?

    If so, why doesn't ZA tell us which email had the attachment so we can delete it in Outlook?

    Is there anti-virus software which can tell us which email to delete?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Virus in Outlook.pst

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    Default Re: Virus in Outlook.pst

    Yes, the issue has already been discussed. But, the solution, which is basically "you are SOL" is hardly what I call that a solution.

    Also, it was mentioned in one of the threads that ZA cannot and does not detect viruses in the .pst files and that an update would resolve the problem of ZA deleting .pst files. "We have no way to scan the actual email in a outlook pst file at all...If you treat it with ZA you will loose email. I seen it happen once before and you wont be a happy camper after that because there's no way to get the missing data back." "Best to add it to the exception list so it stops coming up as an issue." Adding viruses that ZA detects to the exception list is not why I purchased ZA.

    There has apparently been no update to resolve this as two days ago ZA detected a virus in one of my .pst files, "Virus.DOS.Topa.2520 was found in C:\Documents and Settings\...Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst on 6/24/2011 17:11:16. I searched the internet and based on what I found it appeared that this is a legitimate virus.

    Unfortunately, I trusted ZA to quarantine the file, but on restart the file did not appear in the quarantine list and it appears to have simply deleted at least one entire .pst file, which happened to contain all the Outlook contacts, calendar, emails, etc.. I have spent the past two days attempting to recover that .pst file, without success. I have used the Microsoft program, scanpst.exe, and ran it on all the .pst files repeatedly until it indicated no errors detected. But, no recent emails were recovered. I paid $129 for Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair v.4.5, and it claims to repair the files, but the repaired files are significantly smaller than the originals, an data is still missing.

    I would just like to know why, with this issue being know for well over a year, nothing has been done to alert ZA users about NOT letting ZA destroy the .pst files?

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    Default Re: Virus in Outlook.pst

    Here is the Offical Responce by the Forum Moderator, Posted: October 7th, 2010, 02:45 PM

    Also Note: Zone Alarm Paid ver. 10.x has been released and now available for download.

    Re: Scanning Email Subfolders?
    Fax is is correct. We don't have a real scan for mail. Just general AV on files.

    First upgrade to version 9.3

    We now do not scan Outlook mail files in 9.3.

    Reason: Our AV cannot read the outlook mail format and see the actual messages/attachments.
    If we detected something it is a false positive.

    For the unfortunate users who quarantined or removed what was detected in there PST, that corrupted the PST and they lost all there email or part of it.

    They also could not restore from quarantine.

    So a lot of very upset users.

    ZoneAlarm suggests highly that:
    If you want to do it its at your own risk and responsibility if you loose data.

    Otherwise add your Outlook PST files or outlook folders to the AV exception list so there never scanned and then a possibility of a false positive happening and loss of data will not happen.

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