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    Default Licensing: ZoneAlarm AnitVirus

    I have a valid Single User license of ZoneAlarm AntiVirus. I have used the license to install ZoneAlarm AntiVirus on my home PC for which I am the primary user.
    1) Are my wife and children also allowed to use the mentioned PC or do I have to buy additional licenses for my wife and each child?
    2) The ZoneAlarm AnitVirus software is currently installed on a Real Fully Licensed Copy of Windows XP Pro. Am I also allowed to install ZoneAlarm AntiVirus onto a Licenced Virtualized copy of Windows XP Pro with SuSE Linux 11.2 as the Host OS or do I have to:
    a) Buy licenses for the Real Win XP Pro Machine.
    b) Buy licenses for each Virtual Machine that I create in SuSE Linux 11.2.

    Suppose my household has myself, a wife and five children. This might imply that I would have to have a 7 user license for each physical/virtual machine on which ZoneAlarm is installed. Now, suppose I install ZoneAlarm on one physical machine and 2 virtual machines. This would mean that I would have 3 machines total (1 physical + 2 virtual). Since I have 7 users for each of the manchines. Does this mean that I have to have 3 * 7 = 21 user licenses?

    I'm not trying to cheat ZoneAlarm out of anything, but I think licencing ZoneAlarm per "user" is a little ridicuous...


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    Default Re: Licensing: ZoneAlarm AnitVirus

    Licenses are per PC not per user...
    Any follow up question should be better direct to ZA customer support. They are online 24/7. Link in my signature


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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