I am having the same issue. I have been a long time ZA Security Suite customer, and have not had an issue like this before. I installed the latest update package, and started having problems with the update constantly trying to run. I uninstalled and re-installed figuring it was a glitch in the install, since the other computer at my home did not have the same problem, but am running into the issue again. It hasn't been on long enought to tell, but I think it is only happening when an update attempt is made while I am playing a graphic intesive game on line. Perhaps the update can't complete, so it keeps trying again and again. Either way, it locks up my entire machine while the update attempt is being made. My only option has been to let the initial update happen, then disable updates while I am on line, and re-enable later. Obviously....not a good option. Any help in resolving would be appreciated.