Who was the Artist of Z, ZoneAlarm, Check Point? I mean the Designer. I am an artist from Tbilisi and wondering. Tell you the truth I'm crazy about the Design of Zone, ZoneAlarm, Check Point. Who are you, Artists? I am thinking about stile, in Tbilisi I have seen the works like it, but on Painting, may be Graphics or Graphical Painting. It scans my computer in seconds... Yesterday was 2 min and about 39 sec. I have fantastic Trial. When I start my computer, every time I press continue my Trial and I like it, it's pleasant for me to touch such a art. You don't know my life, but be sure about loving Zone. I am planing to download another Trial, when this expires, because I took it from Microsoft yesterday and today I have seen on your service 60 days Trial and mine is 30 days.
So is this one way or another, great science, I feel.
Thank you first of all for Beauty and don't say this scanning seconds.
I had no sound driver and it sounds, I know this Z...
O God...
Thank You

With Respect

Constantin Eristavi
Aragvi Duke