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Thread: ZA and Norton 2010

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    Default ZA and Norton 2010

    Is Norton 2010 compatible with ZA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dclaybrook View Post
    Is Norton 2010 compatible with ZA?

    It would be helpful to tell us what type and version of Zone Alarm your talking about..

    If norton 2010 does not contain a FIREWALL, then it may be compatible with ZA Free Basic version, and possibly ZA Pro..
    But not ZA AV, ZA Suite or ZA Extreme..
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    Default Re: ZA and Norton 2010

    NAV 2010 and ZA pro 9.1.507 are running without problems on my XP pro SP3 PC.
    If that is the combination you are thinking of, you need to consider the following:

    1. Instal NAV 2010 first (if ZA pro is already installed, uninstall it first, then reinstall after NAV).
    2. Turn off Email protection in ZA pro to avoid clash with NAV's email scanning.
    3. Leave component control off in ZA pro.

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