It seems with each new upgrade of ZAISS, the problem of ZA consuming system resources gets worse. With 9.1.507.000, I am experiencing many problems - among them:

1) Despite more than adequate system resources, bootup is taking several minutes longer than before and I am unable to do anything on my computer until ZA finishes loading which takes at least another couple of minutes past boot up.

2) VSMON.exe is constantly hitting the hard drive, will not allow the hard drive to sleep, and is consuming my drive's free space. I get the free space back by running CCleaner but otherwise my hard drive would be full. Due to the excess wear and tear on my hard drive, I am concerned it will fail prematurely.

3) Some process of ZA is updating in the background and when it does, my PC locks up completely and will not allow me to do anything until the update finishes.

All of these are definitely related to ZA because I can disable it and my problems go away.

I am unable to get help for this problem because I cannot be at my computer when ZA's Tech support is available for chat. There is no other way to contact Tech support.

This forum can't help me because each time the users get together to discuss the problem, the forum moderators jump in, tell you to contact Tech support and then close the thread.

How in God's name am I supposed to get help for this problem? Will the moderators please allow discussion to continue in this thread until the issue is resolved?