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Thread: ZASS corruption problem

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    georgia Guest

    Default ZASS corruption problem

    I need some advice. Last night, I had to uninstall Zone Alarm Security Suite because it had apparently become corrupted. I was already having problems with the anti virus program and over the weekend I started receiving the following error message whenever the program tried to update:

    F:\Windows\system 32\zonelabs\UpdClient.exe
    Validation failed for F:Windows\system 32\VSUITIL.dll

    I then started to receive this message:

    Update progress. Warning: another installer or an update installation is currently running. Please wait for this process to complete and close any progress windows before starting another installation or uninstall.

    Either one of these messages would occur every hour when the system tried to update.

    The version of ZASS that I was using was 07_337_000. The most recent version has system requirements(1 gb RAM, 1GHz processor) that my computer doesn't possess (see below).

    So this is my dilemma. What should my next step be? Is it possible to download and install an update version of ZASS that is higher than my version but still would be within the range of my system requirements?

    Thanks for any help.

    Dell 4100 P3 933mhz
    Win XP SP2
    512mb sdram

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: ZASS corruption problem

    You really should update WinXP to SP3. Microsoft is ending support for SP2 on July 13, 2010.

    Read here:

    As far as the hardware requirements, look at my laptop hardware in my signature line at the end of this post. It is pretty close to your hardware. I am running ZAISS with no problems on that laptop. At first, I did go ahead a load the ZA Toolbar (a checkbox option that you select during install) but it did really slow down the laptop. So I uninstalled it (Windows add/remove programs) which improved system performance.

    I would have no trouble recommending ZAISS without the ZA Toolbar on your PC as long as you update WinXP to SP3.

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    TrueVector version:
    Driver version:
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:1016803840
    AntiSpam version:

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    Default Re: ZASS corruption problem

    Hi georgia,

    you can download ZASS from here:

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (
    ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24 Hours Pacific Time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    georgia Guest

    Default Re: ZASS corruption problem

    Thank you Garywa and GeorgeV for your responses. I will install SP 3 first before installing the lastest version of ZASS. Hopefully all will go well!

    Thanks again


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