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Thread: Teredo, Homegroup and other problems after uninstall

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    Unhappy Teredo, Homegroup and other problems after uninstall


    I decided to give ZA Security Suite a try, before I actually will purchase the program if I'm interested with it.

    Anyhow, after a week trial, I found out that ZA Security Suite kept on forgetting the settings, like the programs that I've already setup, or even set to "auto-learn" mode.
    And everytime restart the computer, ZA will prompt to add the new connection even though I've did it countless time before.

    So I decided to uninstall ZA, and there's another nightmare..after I run the uninstall wizard, and after it asks for restart the computer will simply display "Shutting down ..." and it stays there like..forever [I've waited like more than 10 minutes], and I decided to give it a hard-reset, as I can't do anything by just waiting on it?

    After I've restart the computer, I found out that my network connection is LOST, teredo adapter not functioning anymore, and my homegroup isn't functioning anymore. I've to use the ZA removal tool that I have to download from other computer and run it on this computer, restart and did nothing..

    Afterward, a friend of mine helped me by uninstalling my LAN adapter driver, and let the Windows reinstall the drivers, and then it works, but my teredo adapter gone like that and my homegroup still won't work, and it displays "unknown network" instead of "Home Network" like previously, and thus I can't access any computers on my network...and it finally solved by running the Microsoft FixIT Center software and got my homegroup network back after restart and I was able to connect to my home network, browsing the files again.

    The version I installed was ZA Security Suite 91.507.000.

    Now my teredo just missing, and is there anyhow to reinstall the teredo adapter as it's used to be installed before I used ZA Security Suite?

    Thanks ZA... after giving me so much problems after uninstalling it

    I'm currently using Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium.

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    Smile Re: Teredo, Homegroup and other problems after uninstall

    Please use the Forum "SEARCH" funtion..
    if you type in Teredo, you will find lots of solututions.


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