I've been interested in using Full Disk Encryption for about a year now, but each time I install it, after my single hard drive partition is encrypted at 98% or 100%, my computer refuses to boot into Vista or Safemode. My laptop is unusable after the encryption has been applied to my drive. When I boot, it stays on the loading screen, and then it restarts my laptop. I can get into safe mode command prompt every once in a while, which I used to move my files, but I can't get into normal Safemode. I reported this problem to ZoneAlarm support about a year ago, and I figured they maybe had released an update for FDE. I installed it on the same laptop, and the same thing occurred. I have an HP Compaq CQ60-210US notebook with 4GB of RAM, and it does not like this software. It runs Vista x64 SP2.

Now, I do have Hard Disk Encryption working on my Acer netbook which runs XP. HP's laptops are so proprietary; perhaps that's the problem? I am not using the bloated OS that came with my HP laptop originally, but I still cannot get FDE to work properly. It installs, encrypts the drive to 100%, I restart, and my computer refuses to boot and instead just restarts itself in a loop. After removing HDE, the problem is fixed.

Any ideas? If you need any more information, I'd be happy to provide it.