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Thread: Installing on a second computer!!

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    Default Installing on a second computer!!

    I have a paid up version of ZA A/V (with firewall) that has 68 days to run before renewal. I think I am allowed to install this on up to 3 computers so wish to cover my recently aquired laptop.

    I read that I should download the trial version onto the laptop then enter my key. Fine but as far as I can see from the products page my A/V is not listed for download only a newer product ie Z/A A/V 2010. Is it possible to use this without paying again...or what is the best way forward for me.

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Installing on a second computer!!

    With a valid license you are entitled to download and install any latest version of your product (ZAAV). Note that the license will be of 68 days for all PCs. The clock start ticking from your first install.


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