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Thread: i can't download files from with jdownloader >remove AVAST or ZA.

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    Simone Guest

    Default i can't download files from with jdownloader >remove AVAST or ZA.

    Hello everybody, i'm italian and i don't speak english very well.
    I have one problem: i can't use Jdownloader to download files from megaupload. I have this problem with all megaupload links. When i shut down Zone Alarm, Jdownloader works correctly. I use: Windows Xp Home Edition (Service Pack3), JD (v0.9.579), firefox (Java Console v6.0.15 and Java Quick Starter v1.0), ZoneAlarm Security Suite v8.0.015.000 and Avast v4.8 Home Edition. I also search for help here .
    I don't know how setup firewall correct. Can someone help me please?
    Thanks for all, Simone.

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    Default Re: i can't download files from with jdownloader

    update to a supported ZA version (V.9) or completely turn OFF the ZA privacy control in version 8 (cookies, adblocking and mobile control).

    You should remove AVAST or ZA. Never ever run two AV at the same time.

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