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Thread: Does Any version of ZA run on WinXP x64?

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    Default Does Any version of ZA run on WinXP x64?

    Sorry, NO version of Zone Alarm will install on 64-bit Windows XP or WinXP Pro..
    There are no plans to support XP 64-Bit.

    ZA 9.1 is Now Windows 7 32/64bit compatible
    Also compatible with XP 32bit and Vista 32/64bit
    ZA 12.0 is Now Windows 8.1 32/64bit compatible

    Here is the official statement from ZoneAlarm on discontinuing support for 98/ME/SE and 2000 operating systems.

    Windows lifecycle fact sheet:

    "ZoneAlarm does not support ZoneAlarm installations on Servers operating systems at this time.
    ZoneAlarm was designed specifically for Client Applications on an Endpoint machine."

    If you need Firewall Protection that runs on Server OS.. then checkout the Comercial "Enterprise" software at
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