After replacing a HDD and doing a clean install, I'm now having probs getting WaW (Call of Duty 5) to run, despite it working fine for ages previously; Using XP Pro SP3+ up to date; also updated ZA and NOD32

It isn't able to create a profile for me, nor read my backed up profiles from my previous installation.

When I check the Profile location, I see that C:\DocuAndSettings\ADMINACCOUNT\LocalSettings\Acti vision and all files\folders under there are set to Read Only and I can't switch that off. I also believe that there's a setting wrong with the Security Permissions; it did have an entry for Creator\Owner at first, but it won't hold any settings there, either, in the same way as the Read Only for the Folders. I've taken ownership of the Activision Folder & sub-folders, but I believe I have to somehow give the game permission to write there, which I can't; Does ZA set write permissions on Registry keys? Is there some way to edit this for these folders that will allow the game to write to the folder (I've given it super status etc, all the settings I could find on the app ZA interface

I suspect some Software application is enforcing this, but cannot find which. I'm using ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall v9.0.112 and NOD32 AntiVirus 4.0.474

I suspect it's one of those app's & most likely the new ZA - there's nothing else I run in memory that can do this kind of thing and I'm not much cop at the Security Permissions and understanding them (All those double negatives!) I've taken ownership, tried to set it the way I think it should work, to get it going, but no luck so far.

I'm reluctant to mess with Inherited permissions from higher level folders in C:\ as I just don't have a firm grasp of this aspect of the damn thing.

Any ideas welcome