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Thread: override window from za internet security

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    bpb615 Guest

    Default override window from za internet security

    After i log in a ZA window pops up. Telling me that symanic norton is on, Which was a 90 day trial. Is on and do i want to override. So i click yes and then eveything is good. But this happenes every time i reboot. Ive removed all the norton/symantic. Do i need to uninstall Window Defender. PC is running Windows 7/Internet explorer. Or should i uninstall ZA and reinstall ZA?
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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Norton Removal Tool, ZA Suite

    Had you run the Norton Removal Tool; or just used windows 'add/ remove' uninstaller? If you had not run the Norton Removal Tool please do so...
    click here >

    Ordinary windows/ Norton uninstaller is not enough to remove all of Norton; the Norton Removal Tool is necessary.

    If you wish you may un-install Defender first; or reduce/ shut-off the 'real time protection' elements (which may hinder proper registry removal of Norton).

    If you keep ZA Suite installed you may wish to temporarily lower 'program control' to medium while un-installing Norton; or you may wish to/ or need to un-install > re-install ZA.

    If you have some sort of back-up utility/ software - you may wish to temporarily shut it off during the Norton Removal Tool.
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