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    carlfoerster Guest

    Default Browser Hijack

    Something is hijacking my browser, opening a new tab and part of the URL includes the last phrase I searched on. Zone Alarm can't find it. Also, something is turning anti-phishing off on reboot. System XP pro, browser is Firefox

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    follow ALL steps suggested here:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance


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    susan_ny Guest

    Angry Re: Browser Hijack

    This happened to my roommate's computer last night through viewing an Hotmail email with a picture -- I caught the "antivirus" splashscreen as it began downloading files, and I x-ed out of the screen, but not in time for the hijack to happen. (computer: XP, ZoneAlarm Internet Suite)

    (1) Why didn't the ZoneAlarm firewall prevent this virus from downloading files on to the computer in the first place???

    (2) If the computer is protected by ZoneAlarm how were the files able to hijack everything -- and I mean everything, browser, Task Manager, System Restore, ZoneAlarm itself, etc.???

    (3) It also disabled the anti-phishing filter because porn sites were displayed in the browser -- so what happened here?

    I was able to download the Hijackthis file from my computer and burned it to a disk, and went back to the infected computer and signed in on another user account and was able to run the Hijackthis exe to gain back control. But I've just spent hours and hours trying to clean the computer and running scans of all types.
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    xyz was not detected. What I should do?

    and here:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance

    Please do not hijack other users threads open yours.

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    DynamicDave Guest

    Smile Re: Browser Hijack

    Hi Susan, I also had experienced hijacking. Even with Password Protection from ZA. However, it was a vicious virus called Stoppro. I went to Microsoft and used their free "One Care" scanner. It not only found it but also cleaned up my registry. I was shocked as I had given up on One Care, years ago when I 1st bought my computer. It found what Malwarebytes and ZA missed. It is a good scan to incorporate and it can be downloaded to your computer which may help prevent the virus from blocking you from needed sites. Here is the site you need to go to, to begin.

    Scroll down and click "Full Service Scan." Follow the prompts and let it run. Save it to desktop if you wish. Run the program now, so you will know how to access it and you can also see if any reminiscences of previous virus are their and it can also look over your registry.

    You will find that many hijacking viruses are still in your system and not spotted because it is masking itself as a legit program or file. Many times it is in your win_32 files. One Care should be able to find them. Use this scan once a week to clean things up. Good luck. Let me know if you have any problems.
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