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Thread: User Accounts...How many?

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    Default User Accounts...How many?

    I'm showing I have 8 User Accounts,I only made one and turned off the guest one cuz I'm the only one using computer. I was going to attach screen shot but don't think i can here,I'm new to forum BTW.
    2.ASPNET...ASP.NET Machine Account...Used for running ASPNET WORKER PROCESS.
    4.Guest...I turned this off and it still shows a guest account. When i got rid of this it showed I deleted account.
    5.Help Assistant...Remote Desktop assistant account...This I also turned off as I dont use or want remote assistant.
    6.IUSR_NONE-L4ZBGPH0IW...Internet Guest Account...Built in account for anonymous access to Internet.
    7.IWAM_NONE-L4ZBGPH0IW...Launch IIS Process Account...Guest account...Built-in account for Internet Information Services to start out of process applications...
    8.SUPPORT_388945a0...This is a vendor's account for the Help and Support Service(microsoft)
    This doesn't seem right to me,I have caught several times my neighbor hacking me,along with Trojans. I even found his e-mail name in my Address Book,That one i caught servailence vid of coming into my APT. when I was at work. He had a key made. He's an *****. Can someone help me with these,and how to delete them? I dont see but one in my accout profile. Thank you.

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    Ok, Maybe I can ask this, Did I pick the wrong forum? Is this just a dumb question? The only way I can think to get rid of these and just have mine is to reformat, Thais a lot of work if there is another way. I know the one account is from Redmond Washington with Microsoft address, But I never saw it before and I've installed THIS XP Disc 3-4 times. Like I said I'm new so maybe I picked the wrong forum or section. I think it said 78 viewed it and no one has a clue? Maybe there is an Administrator that can tell me? Thank you.

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    this is a ZA board for discussing ZA product issue. This is why you have probably not received any response.

    You may want to google for your OS support forum.

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 6am to 10pm Central time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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