I'm showing I have 8 User Accounts,I only made one and turned off the guest one cuz I'm the only one using computer. I was going to attach screen shot but don't think i can here,I'm new to forum BTW.
2.ASPNET...ASP.NET Machine Account...Used for running ASPNET WORKER PROCESS.
4.Guest...I turned this off and it still shows a guest account. When i got rid of this it showed I deleted account.
5.Help Assistant...Remote Desktop assistant account...This I also turned off as I dont use or want remote assistant.
6.IUSR_NONE-L4ZBGPH0IW...Internet Guest Account...Built in account for anonymous access to Internet.
7.IWAM_NONE-L4ZBGPH0IW...Launch IIS Process Account...Guest account...Built-in account for Internet Information Services to start out of process applications...
8.SUPPORT_388945a0...This is a vendor's account for the Help and Support Service(microsoft)
This doesn't seem right to me,I have caught several times my neighbor hacking me,along with Trojans. I even found his e-mail name in my Address Book,That one i caught servailence vid of coming into my APT. when I was at work. He had a key made. He's an *****. Can someone help me with these,and how to delete them? I dont see but one in my accout profile. Thank you.