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    jaclinhyde Guest

    Question Forcefield never starts

    Hello all, forgive me if this question has been asked before. I am running Extreme Security on Windows 7 and have noticed something odd within the last month or so that might have been going on all along. When I go into Browser Security the Forcefield always says "Forcefield starting" and never says that it is actually running. Also everything is grayed out including the 'off' button so I cannot manipulate it in any way. Like I said this has been going on for a bit now and the "Forcefield starting" message is always there hours after starting my computer etc. so it definitely should be passed the starting phase.

    Any ideas?


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    nonametouse Guest

    Default Re: Forcefield never starts

    I had this issue as well and contacted Tech Support. Their suggestion was to uninstall Zone Alarm using the Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs/Remove option for Zone Alarm Security. Then install the latest version from the Zone Alarm downloads area. In my case that was version 9.1.507.000. This process requires 2 reboots of your system and you will lose all of your program settings (might want to make note of those) but does seem to have corrected the problem. Don't forget to check for after the installation since your virus database will not be current.

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