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Thread: Computer Reboots at random with ZA9 on Win7 64-bit

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    jkk Guest

    Default Computer Reboots at random with ZA9 on Win7 64-bit

    I also have the same problem.

    Installed Zone Alarm Pro 9 yesterday and now my computer reboots on its own at random.

    It has rebooted 3 times today so far while I'm typing.

    No warning is given. Just the screen goes blank and Windows reboots.

    I'm using Windows 7 64 bit. Also installed Avira Antivir at the same time, but as others are reporting random reboots I think the problem is with ZAP.

    Unless there's a fix, I'll have to uninstall.

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    dirkadirkajack Guest

    Default Re: Computer Reboots at random with ZA9 on Win7 64-bit

    i have having the exact same problem with the exact same system. hopefully someone has an answer.

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    cactuscruiser Guest

    Default Re: Computer Reboots at random with ZA9 on Win7 64-bit

    Wow. I too am having the same problem with ZA9 rebooting due to BSOD! I have spent about two months playing around with this problem and this is what I have found so far:

    I have a home computer running a AMD quad core, Win 7 64 bit, Asus MB, 4 gb ram and ZA9 runs just fine, no problems.

    My 3 month old Sony laptop running a Intel i3, 4 gb ram, Win 7 64 bit. on the other hand suffers from random reboots while on my home network.
    Does not occur when offline. Only seems to occur when I am on my home network. I travel extensively and found that this does not occur when I am on a hotel network, etc. Having said that, I just realized that I always select "High" on the Trusted Zone Security selector when traveling. Interesting, now I will have to reload ZA9 and see if that has any effect while at home using "High".
    I have covered all the other items I see suggested to other ZA9 users with this same problem. R & R ZA9 several times using Revo uninstaller. Made sure that the windows based firewall was turned off, etc. Still getting random BSODs on my laptop. I sure hope Checkpoint gets a handle on this soon.

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    Default Re: Computer Reboots at random with ZA9 on Win7 64-bit

    I would Help us diagnose your problem, if we knew what Type of ZA9 and Version number you installed?

    This Forum exist to allow Volunteer experienced Zone Alarm Users to help the Few Users who encounter a problem with ZoneAlarm and need to be guided in the right direction..

    Whenever posting here, it is always advisable to list your:Windows OS (XP SP 2-3 / Vista SP1-2 / Windows 7 32-Bit/64-Bit), your ZoneAlarm product Type (Free,Pro,AV, Suite,Extreme) and ZA version number (7.0,8.0,9.0,9.1), Brand of Computer and CPU, is it a DeskTop or Laptop, List any other Security Programs installed.

    It is Sometimes very Difficult to Diagnose and fix a Computer from halfway across the Country, without All the Details,without the ability to sit in front of your Computer monitor and see what's going on..
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    bobchap Guest

    Angry Re: Computer Reboots at random with ZA9 on Win7 64-bit

    As others, I have experienced this same problem. I'm using Win7x64 on a dual Xeon 3.4GHz SuperMicro board, 8GB RAM -- built the system myself. I have multiple drives and boot partitions. I have tried every recent release of version 9 of ZoneAlarm Security Suite (ZASS) on my x64 partition, always with the same problem: random reboots.

    ZASS 9 works pertty well on WinXPSp3 except that much of the time it cannot update itself (with no reason given except "cannot connect -- retry?" which is no help).

    I prefer ZoneAlarm but have had to switch to ~Brand X Security~ for Windows 7 x64. It operates with no difficulty.

    I am in the process of building a new machine based on Asus P6X58D Premium with 3.33GHz (hopefully to be OCed) Core i7 980X, 12GB RAM (for Win7x64 exclusively) and will try ZASS on that as well. If I have success I will report it here.
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    OSubachev Guest

    Angry Re: Computer Reboots at random with ZA9 on Win7 64-bit

    The same problem with ZoneAlarm Pro
    Sudden reboot on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit desktop.

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    Default Re: Computer Reboots at random with ZA9 on Win7 64-bit


    sorry all users here please contact directly the ZA technical support at the link in my signature.


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