Can someone please help me.. I have been through 4 laptops in the past 14 months. Three of which happened to be company PC's of which run off a highly secure Cisco network and the reason these computers automatically crash upon detection of the loaded spyware. I recently purchased a brand new laptop of which within two weeks noticed the same issues. It was as if once someone remotely logged in, I could immediately tell. When typing, letters would stick, everything would run slow and someone pause until the system could catch up.. Being through this so many times, I KNOW when its happening. Becuase I was outside of my 14 day warranty, I had no other choice but to do a complete system restore. It was completely painful as I had to reload all my installation software. Anyway, someone told me about zonealarm and I took the advice and purchased the complete package for three PC's.. All was going great but then I notice recently my firewall was not showing any activity in blcoking inbound connections. Understand when I first loaded the software, I must have had 200 attempts in the first 9 days... Anyway, on Sunday I was simply on my own website and not downloading anything. All of a suddent a program flashed and disappeared and due to the fact it happened so quickly I could tell what it was. Immedaitely my computer froze and hasn't worked right since. I have reason to believe that the hacker is someone I personally know and is coming in through my Sprint Wireless Connection card via my open ports. Is that possible? Regardless, I am now having to reinstall windows 7. My internet connection is jacked and running slow. When I set rules around some of the programs installed on my PC in Zonealarm, if I restart my PC, all the rules are gone and everything has system privledges. I am freaking out becuase this is killing my business. I have no idea what to clock under the 'trusted' and 'internet' zones as my aircard and connection as well as, programs I use daily such as Skype dont work properly. Can someone/anyone give me guidance? I truly like aonealarm but the customer care is terrible! help..