Hi All,

ZoneAlarm Antivirus detected Packed.Win32.Krap.an virus in my *.pst file (Outlook personal mail folder) 2 days ago. File repair failed, than it prompted me to choose another action. I chosed to delete it but delete failed. Then I chosed delete after reboot, which seem to be "successful".

I was mistakenly supposing that such a respected software as ZoneAlarm deletes the infected mail and not the whole pst file, which included all my mails.

Now I just realised that my pst file is gone.

In the maentime, I just read in this forum that actually ZoneAlarm cannot even identify viruses in the pst files during system scans, so my anger is even bigger. So I ended up in losing all my mail archive and inbox because of a false alarm followed by a fully unprofessional / misleading virus treatment. I admit, I was not careful enough, either.

Now, I am trying to recover the pst file with some undelete software, including GetDataBack, but when it finds the deleted file, it only shows a 0 byte file (while I am sure that the hard drive was not used yet to write any other data on it, so the data must be somewhere there).

I would appreciate your feedback with any hints.