I did a trial of Zone Alarm Internet Security, and the day after I paid and signed up for the full version, may system was attacked. Now I cannot login into the internet. HTTP, HTTPS and FTP are blocked. Email (via Outlook express) works fine.
Somehow the “Antispyware Plus” malware was downloaded to my PC (could have been through kids clicking allow on ZA) and the system went nuts. It looks like ZA was shutdown somehow (only my wife and I knew the password for ZA) because I had 15-20 of the Windows little red shields with an “X” (system unprotected warning) in the bottom right had corner of my desktop when I found it. I ran ZA and I think it found a couple of things. Did not record the details. I also ran a tool called SUPER antispyware and it found several things (screen shot attached).
After this the browser fails to connect to the internet, says it must be a firewall problem. I tried to shutdown ZA and rebooted, no joy. Uninstalled ZA (via control panel remove) and rebooted, still no joy. Not sure what to try next. Not real impressed with ZA so far!!
Runnng XP Home Edition, SP3, IE8.