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Thread: [SOLVED] ZA Extreme Security wrecks my gmail --> Update to latest ZA version

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    Default [SOLVED] ZA Extreme Security wrecks my gmail --> Update to latest ZA version

    I am new and may be in the wrong forum for my problem. Please suggest a different place, if needed.

    I had ZA Pro for years, no problem at all. Upgraded Feb 2010 to ZA Security Suite for three computers, although I only have two. Ever since the upgrade it takes many minutes for a gmail to open and only after I have clicked the subject line 5 to 10 times rapidly. I get a timer and finally it opens after many more seconds.
    Then I have no CC or BCC available. I send all forwards BCC and send many each day. There is a group of about 25 of us who do this daily.

    My only solution so far is to turn ZA off and then my gmail is very fast and I have BCC available again. I also have several other email addys that all forward to this gmail account due to problems in the other servers.

    My OS is Windows XP SP3 on a Gateway laptop. I use IE 7. 250 harddrive, 90% free space. 1.46 GB RAM, maximum for this laptop.
    I do no gaming. I use genealogy software and belong to a couple of message boards that are very safe places.

    I have my router encrypted and was told by a techie that I don't even need ZA since the router is encrypted. If it s really safe to dump ZA, I would be most happy to do so.

    Please make any suggestions in baby talk because I don't understand techie language.
    Thanks so much.
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