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Thread: Zone Alarm package by Identity Guard

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    Default Zone Alarm package by Identity Guard

    I am a subscriber to Identity Guard for over a year. Part of the package is Zone Alarm. This Zone Alarm package is not the newest one available. Right now I am running version ZA Suite, true vector sec engine, ave spyware
    This is part of my monthly package and it still updates everyday. Problem is twice when I ran a manual scan ZA detected a win32 worm socks on my computer. It did not detect this or prevent it automatically. I had to do a manual scan. this has happened 2x. customer service at identity guard said not to worry. I am concerned my computer is vulnerable to spyware. Plus identity guard still has no idea when or if they will update its subscribers to the new 9 version. Probably we will get updated to version 9 when ZA releases version 12. how can I be sure my computer is safe? I have all of the settings properly set. If checkpoint is reading this, then why don't you have identity guard update us to the better version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by morris2010 View Post
    If checkpoint is reading this, then why don't you have identity guard update us to the better version?
    Please note that we are all users here. Please contact the ZA technical support directly at the link in my signature. Its best to do when they are online so that they can assist you on the spot.

    As far as I know the Identity Guard is indipendent from ZA version. If you have a valid ZA license you can upgrade, free of charge, to latest version. Check with ZA customer support.


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