Running Windows XP SP3 with ZoneAlarm Security Extreme 9.1. Have run Anti Virus Scan and nothing was found, so I assume my system is clean (according to ZA).

What is wrong with ZoneAlarm AntiVirus updates?

It seems to run at random times and has a mind of it own. Does not matter if I set if for every 6 hours, 12, hours, disable auto update, does not matter. Every time I start up my computer it now runs?

When it runs it brings my computer to it knees.

Half of the time it will hang and will not do an update, it just tries and tries and tries, until I give up and have to shut down my computer. And, you can not hit Cancel and stop it, nothing happens, Cancel does not work.

Also, you can not even stop the application through Windows with End Task. Nothing works. You end up having to shut down and pray that ZA will finally make it though the update when you boot up and hope it leaves you alone for a while.

I have used ZoneAlarm for many years. And, the updates have always been slow, sluggish and nasty. The new version claims faster updates, however, I have not been able to tell any positive difference. In fact the issue seems to have gotten worse.

Was the update Server having problems today? It was really bad earlier, then magically it finally made it through the update. BTW- ZA should post in the Forums when it is having problems with its update Server, this would at least save a little grief and not have people chasing ghost.

Hope I can get some good answers and this problem can quickly be fixed without a lot of pain, or I will be forced to uninstall ZoneAlarm and use a different product. It has eaten up about 3 hours of my time so far today.