First time user here.

So i download the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall version 9.2 installer .exe a few minutes ago and clicked on it; the first thing it prompts me to do is install this windows Hotfix update (for SP2 I believe they mentioned) in order to go through with the installation. So i accept and it asks for a reboot.

On logging in, it took a longer time loading onto the desktop than usual, it stayed loading for a while right after I typed in my password (windows XP) and I thought "Hmmm maybe it hanged-up". I wait a few minutes later and the computer logs in. Turns out that ZoneAlarm had already set up my computer (right after that Hotfix installation & reboot) to automatically pop up the installation wizard (the taskbar/start menu hasn't even loaded yet) right after I log-in.

And also, after dowloading the installation .exe, I back page a few times into the download page:

then my computer says something about the script on the page being busy or not being able to load completely and asks me if I wanted to continue loading the page or not, and it also pops into my download window simultaniously.

So a little concern of mine is has anybody else experienced these? Its just that my computer has been behaving a little suspiciously (e.g. changing my file view settings from Tiles to List, saving files that I am unaware of to the Documents and Settings folder that usually just has the All Users, Free User folders in it); I didnt expect this to happen during the firewall installation.

Just a little suspicious maybe its a malware screwing around trying to take over security softwares before they install completely/ properly maybe?... Seems a little suspicious to me.