downloaded and did an 'over the top' upgrade of zonealarm free yesterday. all seemed to go ok. i rebooted my pc when told and again after using it for a while just to check that all was as it should be. i noticed in the program list that there were loads of programs listed, as there had been before the upgrade (accepted the recommended choices when upgrading). today i found that i could not open any browser and saw zonealarm flashing in the task bar but it disappeared before i could click on it. i closed I.E. and tried to open Firefox to see if that was working or not but the pc locked completely. i had to do 2 forced reboots to get things running again and the program list in zonealarm now shows very few programs, as if it was starting from a fresh install. any ideas as to what happened and why? should i have tried to remove the old zonealarm and tried to do a freshh install of the new version rather than do the upgrade? should i do that now or leave things alone to see what happens?

tnx for any advice