Dell Latitude D620 laptop / Windows XP Pro SP3
Wave Embassy Security software with TPM, preboot authentication, etc.

I was running the free ZA firewall V8 on my laptop and, aside from the annoying nag popup, it was working reasonably well.

Yesterday I uninstalled it and then installed the latest V92 and it has totally screwed up everything. When it is installed and running the laptop cannot communicate with the outside. If I try to connect to the internet the browser just gives up. I cannot connect to other computers in the network either. If I ping another computer the window freezes for 90 seconds and then the ping response comes in successful reporting a delay of only miliseconds. Somehow ZA is delaying the process.

If I remove ZA then everything is fine.

In the process of reinstalling and removing ZA several times other things have become corrupted or had a conflict with ZA. As Zonealarm was not working correctly I tried installing Comodo firewall but that was not working correctly either so I removed it. At some points the computer would not boot and I had to return to the last good known configuration which seemed to corrupt other things. At this point I have spent many hours with this mess and just wish I could return to the way things were 24 hours ago but that seems hopeless as the system is all messed up now.

I do not want to be without a firewall. What is my best bet now? Try to get V9 to work? Try to return to V8?