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    Angry Toolbar Radio

    I installed ZA free successfully with the ms hotfix everythig is working great but i can't get the ZA toolbar radio to work it bufferes and then it shows a yeild sign I can listen to radio with no problem regular internet streams just not via the toolbar runing Windows 7

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    Could you give us more detailed information.

    There are literally thousands of toolbar widget apps that can be installed.

    We don't know which one your using. Can you give us explicit name of the toolbar widget you looked up on the app store and installed in the toolbar.

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    I have no idea i've been trying to find out It was there when I downloaded it. I didn't add it. It has a drop down menu where you can choose different radio station and a link that says tell us what you think about the radio player and when you click it brings me back to ZA community and the we're here to help page.....

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