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Thread: A URL Needs to be blocked ASAP

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    Exclamation A URL Needs to be blocked ASAP


    I stumbled into this through some kind of browser hijack (which i removed). This turned out to be the main hosting site for Antispyware Soft(RogueWare).
    ZoneAlarm registered it as a safe site, so i'm assuming it hasn't reached your database yet. Please add this to your firewall's blocklist for user safety. It may help cut down the # of infections.
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    For malware submission you need to contact Kaspersky as indicated here:
    xyz was not detected. What I should do?

    ZA Forcefield already flag the site as potentially dangerous inlcuding warning of not downloading anything from it.


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    Send me a private message with the full URL.

    We will investigate. Many times the mailware will not longer be there when we get the url, they move around very quickly so there no caught.

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