My laptop is running Windows XP. I "upgraded" from ZA Free 7.? to ZA Free 9.2 and ever since my initial restart, I get a black box open up for something called cpes_clean_launcher.exe with a blinking cursor after a c prompt.

Along with that an error box opens the says "Check Point Endpoint Security Removal" "A restart is required to complete the removal of Endpoint Security". "Click OK to restart now", which I did initially and just got into a loop where it happens every time I restart now no matter what I do.

The laptop is configured to automatically connect to my wireless connection and all I usually have to do to access the Internet is open a browser. BUT NOW the strange thing is that I can no longer access the internet and a DIAL UP Connection log in box pops up...Never saw this before. hmmm?

The same Dial Up box now also pops up on my desktop, which occurred after AT&T tech support "helped me" try to configure my home network so I'm sure that has something to do with that and probably nothing to do with ZA Free but it's just strange.

So, I logged in a Administrator and noticed that ZA Free 7.? still shows up in Add/Remove Programs but when I try to uninstall it, I'm denied because it says I don't have access and to please see administrator. I tried system restore but does not work either "Restoration Incomplete".

Any ideas or info is appreciated.