I have a new generic PC running windows 7 -64 bit. The system was bought late March 2010. I installed Zonealarm Extreme Security (9.1.507.000 is the current version used).
All works well, except when using sleep or hibernate. If sleep/hibernate works, it only works for the first or second time after a restart. This problem happens with both sleep or hibernate. I am lucky to be able to get either to work three times in a row.
What happens is that the display blacks out and the HDD light blinks and nothing more happens. After a few minutes, I lose patience and reboot the computer. If I leave it, the the HDD light blinks for 20 minutes (power down time set in power management) and the computer stops. BUT when the computer is next started, I receive the message that windows did not shut down properly or is recovering from a serious fault. The links to Microsoft are useless and there is nothing to see in the event logs.
I turned off ZES and could get sleep to work for 10 successive events. I then used the uninstall tool to uninstall ZES, rebooted and then reinstalled ZES. The sleep problem returned, so I uninstalled ZES again and installed Comodo Internet Security free.
Sleep still works now, so the issue is with ZES.
I like ZES and would prefer to continue to use it (I still use on a laptop with Vista 32 bit and no issues), but this sleep issue drives me crazy. I have not seen any similar reports and thought I would post here to save the sanity of other uses with a similar issue.