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Thread: Problems with ZA free 9.2 and dbghelp.dll

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    hierholcz Guest

    Default Problems with ZA free 9.2 and dbghelp.dll

    I've got a regularly and automatically updates Windows XP SP3. I regularly update my Zonealarm, too, but this time I've failed. I tried everything: updating; removing (uninstall + cpes_clear) and reinstall it; reinstalling the older version: everything has failed. All of installations got wrong at dbghelp.dll. (And installation fails saying: I have no right)
    The version of dbghelp.dll of my PC is 5.1.2600.5512 , 04.14.2008, the version of ZA's would be, 03.17.2008 (!!! newer in vercion, but older in date!!!)
    Any idea how fix??? Thanks, Tom

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Problems with ZA free 9.2 and dbghelp.dll

    Does the error message tell you which folder the dbghelp.dll (pathname) file is in? The reason I ask is tha on my WinXP PC, I have several copies of this file (different versions).

    For some reason I can't imbed a screenshot into this post so here is a link to what is on my PC:

    Some belong to WinXP and some belong to other applications, ZA being one of them.

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    Default Re: Problems with ZA free 9.2 and dbghelp.dll


    What language version of XP are you running?? From your message looks like your from another country in Europe? There might be problems if your running and English version of ZA on a different language version of the OS even if your displaying things in English there could be problems.

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